Tweeting about Sustainability : the Jargoniest Sin.

Advertising Age named sustainability one of the “jargoniest jargon” words of 2010 that they “wish you would stop saying,” together with Touch Points or 360, among others. I don’t agree with this and I don’t think people should stop using the word sustainability. On the contrary, we all should be pursuing a more sustainable business, life, career or even relationship! I agree that the concept of sustainability is elusive, sometimes misused and unfortunately abused.

And it’s up to us, sustainability practitioners, to help clarifying the concept and using the word in an appropriate and relevant way. Technically, CSR, ESG or SRI, main components of a successful corporate sustainability strategy, could qualify for Jargoniest Jargon Acronym of the year contest, but that’s another story…

As far as I’m concerned one of my commitments for 2011 is to contribute, with this blog and my twitter account @carbonimpact, to a better use of the word sustainability. For example, I’ll try to further define the concept of sustainable career, explore the role of middle management in the execution of corporate sustainability strategies and analyse how sustainability management software can effectively support companies.

One last thing, the original meaning of jargon was “making a twittering sound or noise“, then I imagine that tweeting about sustainability must be the jargoniest thing ever! One of my favourite “tweeting sustainability experts”, John Friedman, @JohnFriedman, didn’t miss the irony but we both agreed that we’d keep on tweeting about sustainability!

 I wish you a sustainable 2011!


About Frederic Page
Learning & Development professional, based in Barcelona, Spain. Blogging about Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

4 Responses to Tweeting about Sustainability : the Jargoniest Sin.

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  2. Daniel Greenberg says:

    Thanks Frederic for this post. I agree that sustainability has become rather jargony, but as you say, it is still an engaging term when used in appropriate and relevant ways. Mixing it up with other terms such as regenerative and interdependent can help provide some context. I direct an educational non-profit ( that takes college students to “ecovillages” around the world, so for me sustainability is about how we can create high quality lifestyles that have low ecological impact. How can we live well and lightly – together? That seems to be the core question of our era.

    I look forward to following your and John’s “twittering about sustainability”. You can also follow my ramblings on sustainability education (with a focus on study abroad and ecovillages) at @livingroutes and Take care and I look forward to our next opportunity to connect.

    In community,
    – Daniel

    • aequology says:

      Hello Daniel. Thanks for your comment, you’re absolutely right , sustainability is an engaging term and it does make a lot of sense when it refers to initiatives such as the one you’re leading. Education is key to develop the ability for new (and older) generations to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.
      Did you have a chance to come to Spain during one of your trips abroad? Best.

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