Ann Charles, @annmcharles on Twitter, Founder of BRANDfog, a company that offers Social Media & CSR Strategy for CEOs has posted, few days ago, on the Fast Company website, a wonderful Christmas gift for the CSR Community:  the BRANDfog’s 2010 CSRTree, an ” homage to those tireless voices”, “designed to recognize some of the great thought leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility for 2010.”

I’m very honoured to appear on the Tree, with my twitter account @CarbonImpact, that I’ve been using for some time now to tweet, and  retweet, articles, blog posts, comments or analysis that I thought were interesting for the CSR & Sustainability community or for anybody interested in those topics. I’ve met wonderful people on Twitter this year, read brilliant pieces, participated to intense debates, attended awesome virtual events, particularly those organized by Susan McPherson, @susanmcp1, the passionate senior Vice President at Fenton, and posted few comments and opinions myself. More importantly, I’ve definitely developed my knowledge and skills of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, thanks to incredibly knowledgeable experts such as Julie Urlaub, @TaigaCompany, Elaine Cohen, @ElaineCohen, Aman Singh, @VaultCSR, Dave Meyer, @DRMeyer1 and all the Thought-Leaders who appear on Ann’s Tree. Thanks to them, I’m a better sustainability and CSR professional, and, because our shared passion strengthen my core values, I believe that I’m also a better person.

So, to all of you, a warm Thank You and a very Happy CSRhristmas

PS: Ann Charles is also the Founder of the Great Leaders Conference, Changing the culture of Leadership in a Web 2.0 World, that will take place next year, on April 28-29 in NYC and will be a major event to promote CSR and Sustainability. http://www.greatleadersconference.com/


About Frederic Page
Learning & Development professional, based in Barcelona, Spain. Blogging about Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

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